Residential solar: what it looks like

Here at LuxRay Solar we offer solar installations of all sizes; from a couple PV panels on your home's roof to outfitting solar arrays for industrial complexes, we have got you covered! This is a resource for you to use when considering bringing your at home solar online! We want to get you familiar with important factors to consider when deciding if solar is appropriate for you and your home. Take a look through and then reach out to us for a professional consultation! 


Understandably, money is a major factor when considering any project. While the upfront cost of solar can be a bit steep without any aid, beginning a project this year, 2022 is the best for the foreseeable future! This year will be the last in which you can take advantage of the federal Solar Investment Tax Credit at 26 percent. The benefit of this credit is it can be applied to the personal income taxes of the homeowner and it is quantified by 26 percent of your paid tax liability for the property. In 2023 the credit will drop to 22 percent and will be phased out for homeowners in 2024; only commercial and utility projects will be able to receive a 10 percent credit. Aside from federal incentives, Colorado also has a few state solar programs as well! With these options for financial assistance in mind, let us dive into what else you should consider when going solar.   

Home efficiency

This is a common factor that most overlook. No matter what kind of energy you are using at home, if half of it is leaking out old windows or doors, the source is of little importance. Before outfitting your home, check with a specialist to ensure that your fixtures are as insulated as possible and consider replacing ones that are not before investing in a solar PV system.

Space and sunlight

If your home is up to snuff on the efficiency side of things, the next item to consider is how much space you are working with. When we talk about space we are not referring to the square footage of your roof or yard area. Rather, the amount of space where the sun is not obstructed by trees and other building’s shadows and can be utilized. It is important to also know the direction of your roof as well as its age. If you have an older roof that is nearing replacement, you will want to before installing a system. The direction of your roof is important for the orientation of the system. Do you have a north or south facing roof, east or west? How about a flat roof or maybe a more geometric structure that might not be conducive to outfitting solar panels? Here in Colorado we receive most sun from the South and so orientations that optimize exposure in that direction will yield the most gain!

At home storage and tying into the grid

Beyond helping the environment, going solar ultimately reduces your electric bill while increasing your self sufficiency. As solar is an intermittent energy source there are a few tricks to making it consistent and useful for your home such as the use of battery storage and tying into the grid! On the home front, here at LuxRay Solar we are proud to bring you energy storage from Generac! This battery system stores excess energy that is produced during the day allowing you to use it later! Paired with tying into the grid and net metering, you are able to utilize your own solar energy as well as distribute it to others as well.  

Going solar does not only benefit you but your community. The more independent energy sources we have the greater our ability to sustain ourselves and contribute to the larger whole. Are you looking to bring your home online in the solar industry? If so, reach out to us here! We will get an appointment scheduled and you on your way to cleaner energy now, and a greener billfold in the future.
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