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Solar power experts in Thornton, CO

Luxray Solar offers affordable solar panel installation in the Denver area. We provide some of the most efficient solar panels on the market and are pleased to be able to offer these setups to our residential customers. We firmly believe in the power of solar energy, both as a reliable and affordable energy source, but also as a way to help residential customers do their part to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We provide these relevant and essential services to residential customers for an affordable and accessible price point, something we know is especially important for our customers.

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We install only the best of rooftop electronics.

There are two main types of electronics sending power down to utility.

Optimizers and microinverters. We only install the ones that warranty their equipment for 25 years.

Solaredge optimizers work in conjunction with inverter mounted on the ground.

  • This technology alleviates shading by treating production on an individual basis.
  • If one panel in a string gets shaded, the rest still produce maximum power at a given moment.

Enphase microinverters work similar but instead of sending DC power to the central inverter they convert direct current to alternating current on the roof.

  • 240V AC flows down the combiner panel and back to the grid. And just like the other technology they remove negative effects of shading.

GENERAC PV Link optimizers work much like others.

  • If one panel in a string loses sunlight, the optimizer automatically adjusts the voltage curve to produce maximum available from other panels in a string.
  • With only one optimizer monitoring 2-9 panels, risk of failure is significantly less.
  • DC voltage flows off the roof to the central inverter and back to utility.
  • This central inverter can also charge and discharge the battery and provide backup to the whole home in conjunction with PWRCell battery.

Solar Costs Have Become More Affordable

Many people assume that having a solar energy system installed on your home is out of reach for their specific budget needs, however this is simply not the case. The cost of an average solar photovoltaic system has decreased significantly over the past several years, highlighting how this technology is attainable for almost any budget, no matter your current financial situation. Luxray Solar provides financing options for individuals and families seeking to make the switch to solar without having to break the bank to get there. 

Solar Helps the Environment Boosts Your Home’s Value

There are many obvious reasons to make the switch to solar. Having a sustainable energy source on your property is both a cost-saving measure as well as a way to help save the environment. Tired of giving your money to energy companies who don’t care much for their impact on the earth? Switching to solar can allow you to take the power (literally) away from these companies and do your part to become more sustainable and less reliant on fossil fuels.

In addition to helping the environment, making the switch to solar can also provide you with an added boost to the value of your home. Having a solar energy system installed can provide you and your family with immediate benefits, but it can also give you a boost down the line whenever you put your home up for sale. Having an efficient solar energy system onsite will be seen by potential homebuyers as desirable, potentially raising the value of your home in the process. For this reason, a residential solar system is a win-win situation and worthy of your investment for more reasons than one.

Professional Service 

The caring professionals at Luxray Solar are committed to providing our customers with the best service in the industry. We work with our clients to formulate a plan for your specific setup, as we understand not every home will require the same solar energy system. Our team will assess the correct setup for your home based on budget as well as your unique solar exposure, ensuring you receive a system that is cost-effective and energy-efficient. 

Luxray is dedicated to designing and creating solar energy solutions for all of our customers. We serve commercial, residential, and industrial clients of all sizes and we’re confident we can formulate a plan that meets all of your specific specifications and requirements. 

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