Understanding the efficiency and strength of solar cells pt 2

Previously we covered the most common solar cell sold throughout the world, general silicon cells. In this edition we are going to tackle two other forms of solar cell technology that are also highly employed throughout the solar industry.

Thin-film photovoltaics

Unlike silicon cells, thin-film PV systems require more protection than their counterparts. These systems are incredible for producing high grade electricity however, they do not have as long of lives. Another difference between thin-film and silicon cells is the basematerail used to absorb and conduct solar energy. Cadmium telluride or copper indium gallium diselenide (CdTe) is the second most common PV material behind the crystalline silicon cells. These cells use a back electric contact to help produce energy. They are layered systems, one might look like aluminum, glass, transparent conductive oxide (TCO), n-layer (CdS), p-layer (CdTe), and the aluminum back connector. Being low cost, able to be produced in a matter of hours, it is not difficult to see why these systems are the second most common.

Perovskite photovoltaics

Unlike the other systems we have highlighted, perovskite photovoltaics are more like solar add ons. They can be used in tandem with other cells and boast the highest efficacy in small scales. Perovskite photovoltaic received their name because perovskites are in the family of halide perovskite cells are somewhat like a combination of crystalline and thin film PV that we have previously described. With a crystalline structure absorption is increased and cells can respond to different colors in the solar spectrum. This enhances the strength of another cell; you can
actually stack perovskite systems on top of your general silicon cells! Though the technology isn't as stable as the others and does require more protection, easy assembly and the high level of efficacy makes it highly valued.

We hope this brief look into a few different types of solar cells has been informative. If you are looking to outfit your home, business, or industrial complex with solar, reach out to us! We here at LuxRay solar want to help you begin on your solar journey today.

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