Battery storage and solar

The sun might not always shine, but we can still use solar power! Thanks to advancements in battery storage technology, solar electricity can be generated and utilized at night and during storms as well as other periods without the sun. While this intermittent resource has been made more reliable with the help of batteries, there is still a long way to go. 

Big battery technology
With the planet warming and consciousness rising, minimizing fossil fuel reliance is becoming of more importance. Using renewable energies is a great way to do this. The biggest issue with intermittent, renewable, resources is when they are not being generated, we must fall back on non renewables. In the recent past California has begun to make waves in the production and implementation of large battery storage facilities. A few projects to note are the installation of a 300-megawatt lithium-ion battery and 100-megawatt battery in the old Moss Landing Power Plant. Together these batteries can hold and expel enough electricity to power over 250,000 Californian homes for four hours during times with higher demand than available supply. 

With facilities like these coming online, renewable energies have a bright future! Prices in battery storage dropped 70 percent from 2015 at $2,152 per kilowatt hour to $625 per kilowatt hour in 2018. Future projections show storage costs ranging around $400 and less per kWh! As battery storage prices decrease, renewable energies continue to become more accessible and reliable.
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