Other solar technologies for your home

The sun is amazing, plain and simple. We here at Luxray Solar want to help you harness its incredible power to produce clean energy for your home. While solar PV installations are our area of expertise, we want to key you in on some other solar technologies! The sun's energy can not only electrify your home, but warm it also. This is just another incredible use of our most abundant renewable energy. Let’s dive into some of these solar heating technologies!

Most commonly used to heat floors in homes, liquid based solar technology is a great system to employ. Using flat plate technology non-toxic liquid is warmed and distributed throughout pipes beneath your floor. This is perfect for cold climates as the outside temperatures do not impact the system since it is inside. We lose most heat through our heads and feet. Heated floors reduce how much heat we lose keeping our body temperature higher and us feeling warmer.

Other than warming our toes, solar energy can be used to heat the air in a room! Room air heaters are perfect for warming individual rooms in the home. With an air collector affixed to the roof or south facing wall, this technology uses the sun to heat air within the systems. This heated air is distributed throughout your home minimizing the strain on your furnace. As an addition to your existing HVAC system, room air heaters are a great addition to the home.

Whether looking to electrify your home or heat it, the sun is here to help and so are we. Reach out to us today for a quote regarding your future PV system and take a look at what other solar energies can do for you and your home.
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