Solar for your home

Days are getting longer and spring is right around the corner, think about going solar! Here at Luxray Solar we offer services to residential homeowners at an affordable price. If you have been considering making the switch, now is the time to do it. Solar is an incredible addition to your home for a multitude of reasons which we will explore as we illustrate what we can do for you!

First things first, we will assess your property for its solar potential. Assessments include an in depth inspection of the overall spatial area, direction of your roof, and obstacles that may obstruct sunlight from reaching your future panels. If you would like to do a brief self assessment, look for the south facing facade and observe its structure and surroundings. If it seems somewhat clear, we will be able to offer our excerpt opinion upon arrival! You may schedule here for a quick conversation and quote!

Moving forward post assessment and collaboration, we will design a layout for your solar system. If you are debating moving forward with the project, let us reassure you that now is truly the best time to. The Income Tax Credit that you can receive for installing a residential solar system will be reduced in 2023 to 22% and cease to exist come 2024. Currently you can receive 26%! When we have developed your design we will discuss the construction process and then the installation will begin!

Upon completion, we think one of the coolest parts about solar is that the extra energy your system produces is fed into the grid. Bringing your home online not only benefits you, but your neighbors as well! Other homes use your excess energy which reduces how much the traditional utilities must provide using nonrenewable sources. Using the sun's energy reduces your environmental footprint along with others. 

Solar is an investment in the long term. It is an energy that can save your wallet and our planet. We cannot help how much we love it! If you are looking to add your home to the solar network we would love to assist. Reach out to us today and we will help get you going on your solar journey.
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