2021 solar analysis

Last year was a stellar one for solar not only here in sunny Colorado but throughout our nation as a whole. We are going to take a look at some of the projects that went online as well as what is projected for the solar industry in 2022.

Solar in Colorado

As the seventh sunniest state, it is no wonder that solar energy has blossomed over the past year. With the completion of the Bighorn project in Pueblo, Colorado the EVRAZ Rocky Mountain steel facility will be the first steel foundry to receive almost all its energy from renewable sources. This 300 megawatt project will supply about 90% of needed electricity and will allow for the continued production of rail segments for both the Union Pacific and Burlington Northern-Santa Fe railroads. Together these lines make up about two thirds of the US rail market. Aside from this monumental project, the Colorado Solar and Storage Association has reported a 61% growth in members from 140 to 230. As the association increases, the influence solar power will have in the state is likely to increase as well. The more entities we can get involved in renewable energies the better! Goals for large reductions in carbon emissions by 2030 rely heavily on solar energy produced for Xcel Energy and Platte River Power Authority. As this new year progresses, our state's solar output will increase and we will move that much closer to ending our reliance on fossil fuels.

Solar in the States

Here in the United States, 2021 saw the largest increase in electric generating capacity from solar, ever. Ringing in at 54% of all electric-generating capacity, solar makes up more than half of the potential energy to be provided to the market. Both utility and residential solar grew at an impressive rate and residential solar is projected to continue to grow. Many new projects came online in 2021 and a couple to note include the 150 megawatt project in Iowa County, WI as well as a 100 megawatt project at Point Beach solar in Two Creeks, WI. While Solar still only makes up about four percent of our nation's total energy portfolio, these projects coming online are promising for the energy future to come.

2022 outlook

It is projected that in 2022 utility, commercial, and community solar outputs will drop in comparison to this past year. Due to supply chain issues and less project completions in the year to come, solar will continue to grow just not as rapidly. It is projected however that residential solar may see an increase with one in every 600 homeowners outfitting their space with solar PV. As far as the states are concerned, Texas followed by California are expected to see the most solar additions in the year to come.

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