Industry News: Gas stations going solar and the Bighorn Solar Project

There are many exciting moments in the renewable energy industry. Discovering a new potential energy source, advancements in storage, increased output, development of new technologies, to name a few. This past week there has been another.

In Oklahoma, Rick Wood is one of the first businessmen to stride towards renewables within the gas and convenience industry. Taking a monumental first step, he is incorporating renewable energy into a business that survives off the consumption of a realistically non-renewable energy source, petroleum. Gas stations fuel America's largest greenhouse gas emitting sector contributing to 29% of all emissions, the transportation sector. With 276 million cars registered in the United States in 2019, it is not too hard to believe this massive output of greenhouse gasses. Though auto companies continue to build more efficient electric vehicles, it is still clear that gas stations are not going anywhere soon. Except solar that is!

This feat is the result of an investment by the USDA in renewable energy infrastructure for rural communities, businesses, and ag producers. Programs such as the Rural Energy for America Program and the Electric Loan Program are allocating funds to our nation's least densely populated areas. As more renewable energies come online and connect with the grid, we will mitigate the use of additional fossil fuels for energy. Investing in renewable infrastructure rather than retrofitting old systems is how we continue to move forward, cleanly. Making changes in any industry is exciting, especially one that is fueled by fossil fuels. These are the moments and types of decisions that not only benefit the pocketbook but also the planet. As the sun will continue to shine, going solar will provide Rick’s businesses with long term stability. Allowing him some autonomy while keeping the lights on and more importantly, pumps flowing. 

Another top solar story closer to home is the recent completion of a large solar array in Pueblo, Colorado. The Bighorn Solar Project is projected to cover almost all of the energy needs of the Rocky Mountain Steel plant and is one of the largest onsite solar facilities for a sole customer in the country. Once at the risk of relocation the Rocky Mountain Steel plant will be provided with nearly 90 percent of its energy needs from this solar project. Another example of using renewable energies to power facilities at no risk of soon becoming obsolete. Providing jobs during construction as well as keeping plant jobs on site, this Bighorn Solar Project is another incredible victory for the solar industry and for our planet. 

These bits of industry news have us amped up! Solar is exciting and continues to gain popularity throughout our nation; are you looking to bring solar to your home or business? We want to help! Though here in Denver you cannot take advantage of the rural energy programs, our state has incredible sales and property tax exemptions for business and home owners alike. There is also a 26% federal tax credit we can assist you in attaining! Reach out to us here today and let’s get you powered up with solar.
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