How Colorado Compares

As our planet continues to heat up, analyzing our states’ energy portfolios becomes increasingly important. According to US News, Colorado is ranked 22nd in renewable energy usage; that puts us about middle of the pack and we can do better!

Here in colorful Colorado we have forests, mountains, sand dunes, and plaines, along with an ample amount of sunny days. This makes our state an incredible place for skiers, bikers, and outdoor adventurers alike as well as solar power! Yet, due to the rising temperatures of our planet, some of our favorite places and activities may become inaccessible. 

This is why renewable energies are so important. Current fossil fuels or “dirty energies,” such as petroleum and coal, contribute to the greenhouse effect and lead to the warming of our planet. By polluting our air with CO2 and CH4 (carbon dioxide and methane) amongst other greenhouse gases, we have created a blanket of tiny particles that disrupts our planet's cooling system. Heat, which is radiated into space as infrared light, gets trapped under this blanket and continues to bounce around our atmosphere which is why temperatures continue to increase. Now that we understand how we are causing our global climate to change, we can focus on how to remedy the issue.

As we are too far from Earth’s core for geothermal and too arid for much hydropower, with an average of 250 sunny days, solar is almost a no brainer. Ranked in the top 10 sunniest states, Colorado holds sixth place with 4,960 kJ/m^2 a year and according to the US Energy Information Administration, solar power plants make up the majority of Colorado’s 128 renewable energy power plants. With numbers like these, whether you’re a commercial or residential owner looking to switch to renewables, you can see solar is a great option. 

Not only is our natural climate amenable to solar power, so is our economic climate. Here in Colorado we have some of the best tax breaks and rebates out of all the 50 states. Locally, many utilities offer cash rebates for bringing solar power online. Depending on your location and your installation you could receive upwards of $3000 in rebates. Throughout the state, a sales and use tax exemption on solar equipment is also an incredible incentive. This means that when you purchase your solar system you will not have sales tax tacked onto your purchase. Another major tax break is the property tax exemption on all residential renewable energy equipment. No matter the increase in the value of your home, you will not have to pay taxes on the new value.

Colorado keeps competitive with other sunshiney states by way of these incredible incentives. Protecting the planet and your money upfront as well in the long run makes solar a very desirable renewable energy. Looking to outfit your home or business? Reach us here today to get a quote! We look forward to helping you reach your own goals as well as chip away at our reliance on fossil fuels.
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