Industrial Solar Power by Luxray

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Solar energy can be a potent investment to make for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. We provide a full-service solar energy solution for industrial clients, both large and small, in the Denver-metro area. Luxray Solar understands that making the switch to solar energy, especially for industrial-scale customers, can be an intimidating project to undertake. We work with our industrial customers to formulate a plan that makes the most sense for your individual financial and energy requirements and we’re happy to help you find the solution that works best for your company.

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Large-Scale Industrial Solar Arrays

The difference in energy needs between a small, single-family home and an industrial-scale building can be dramatic. Indeed, the energy needed to power a factory or large building will be many times greater than an average home, making it important that you consult with a firm that has knowledge of designing and installing solar arrays for the industrial firms. Luxray Solar has a great deal of experience designing and installing solar energy systems for industrial properties, ensuring you have the right amount of panels and batteries to optimally power your building. We work directly with our industrial clients to create an individualized plan for your new solar energy system and we are dedicated to providing you the best possible customer service every step of the process. 

Why You Should Upgrade Your Business to Solar Energy

There are many reasons why you and your company should consider upgrading your business’ energy system to a solar setup. First, installing solar energy can reduce your operating costs with a predictable, sustainable source of energy. Second, having the ability to produce your own power on your property reduces the chances that you will deal with any energy disruptions as a result of storms. A power outage can significantly impact a business’ ability to meet demands, leading to a reduction in profits and customer satisfaction. 

Solar energy also provides you and your company with the potential for fantastic tax credits to off-set the cost of any installation. This will make any costs associating with installing a new solar array dramatically reduced. Additionally, having a new solar array on your industrial facility will make it stand out among other buildings in your area. One of the best benefits of having a solar energy system is that it provides your company with a great way to market itself as forward-thinking and sustainable, something that consumers are demanding more of in recent years. Finally, one of the best aspects of installing solar energy on your Denver-area property is the fact that you can lock in lower energy costs, making it much easier to plan your finances many years into the future. 

Luxray is dedicated to designing and creating solar energy solutions for all of our customers. We serve commercial, residential, and industrial clients of all sizes and we’re confident we can formulate a plan that meets all of your specific specifications and requirements. If you’re interested in upgrading your property’s energy setup to a sustainable, solar-based array, contact us today.

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